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Vocational systems

Enhancing life skills

Student management program - Vocational System

Vocational training within industry gives learners a skill for life. Today that has never been more important. Effective training provides a learner with knowledge and professional skills that will lead onto a career for life, bringing with it prospects and security.

Support your learners effectively
To support your learners throughout their training at your organisation, you need to manage them effectively and efficiently. Monitoring learner progress and development is crucial. Accurate measurement of progress will allow your organisation to provide the correct levels of support through the provision of tutorials, resources, assessments and funds.

To meet the demands of vocational learners and the needs of an organisation delivering vocational training, Capita Further and Higher Education has developed the Vocational Qualifications and Management Tracking (VQMT) solution. VQMT equips training organisations with a powerful data management and reporting system.

Integrated solution developed in partnership with training organisations
Our VQMT solution brings improved efficiency, elimination of data duplication, faster and more accurate data capture, reduced expenditure, bespoke report creation and easy integration with existing MIS systems. These benefits are all coupled with Capita FHE’s vast experience within the education sector, gained whilst partnering customers’ organisations.

VQMT provides a single, straightforward and integrated solution that can manage data from work-based learning (WBL) together with more traditional FE data management and requirements. This immediately reduces costs for your organisation, having no entirely separate WBL to implement.

As well as monitoring learners from original application to successful completion, Capita’s VQMT solution provides a core database for ILPs, statutory funding returns, diagnostic assessment and tracks employer relationships through a comprehensive CRM. The Employer Engagement module records key details and all contact made with participating employers.

As a Capita Further and Higher Education solution, our VQMT system is fully integrated with the entire UNIT-e student management program, including our key e-Portfolio application. E-Portfolio is an electronic solution that enables vocational learners to manage their own study and submit work for assessment. Assessors can monitor their learners’ progress and achievements. With e-Portfolio and VQMT working cohesively, key milestones and achievements are recorded and shared automatically with the VQMT database for MIS reporting purposes. This quickly eliminates repetitive data entry and work duplication.

Capita’s VQMT solution is dedicated to satisfying the needs of vocational training providers and employers involved in the learning process. Launched in 2007, excellent feedback from pilot sites was received. Listening to our partners, several product developments were made. This further enhanced the functionality of VQMT to meet more accurately the needs of the education and training sector.

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