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Exams and Assessments

UNIT-e Markbook
Enabling teachers to manage and monitor assessments in the classroom.
For many years organisations have been seeing the benefits of register marking in the classroom, now UNIT-e brings the same efficiency and accuracy gains to assessment management. User-friendly and configurable to meet each organisation's needs, UNIT-e Markbook uses the latest web-based technology to bring fast and easily accessible tools to the classroom.

Exams Manager
UNIT-e provides functionality to register learners with all major awarding bodies including those offering vocational qualifications. In addition to the provision of electronic data transfers, the solution enables timetable management of subjects studied and exam papers being sat.

With UNIT-e Exams Manager organisations can manage all data and processes relating to course submissions and exam entries for the following:

  • All general qualifications (e.g. GCSE, AS/A Level) in JCQ format
  • Edexcel qualifications in EDIFACT format
  • City and Guilds qualifications in electronic versions of their paper formats – S, E, R etc.

The application is fully integrated with Capita FHE’s Student Record and Tracking System, thus reducing the replication of data, aiding more flexibility for business processes and reporting. Users can pre-build return reports and develop bespoke reports for use with specialist awarding bodies.

Efficiencies are further achieved through streamlined electronic communications with awarding bodies, as well as integration with external software. Data can be easily imported and exported to external systems, and configured for bespoke reporting to specialist awarding and exam boards.

Assessment and tracking
The UNIT-e Assessments functionality records student progress throughout their time on a course. The basic functionality allows for a piece of coursework to be set with a deadline and then for the grade to be recorded.

Within this application, assessments are associated with and created from a unit and the unit is an element of a whole module. Records can be created automatically for mandatory units as students are enrolled on to modules. Basic and advanced details can be assigned and recorded for each assessment.

Additional functionality allows for extra assessment attempts to be created and aligned to a unit and module. The Block Assessments tool enables multiple assessments to be monitored and assigned to individual or multiple modules, all due to multiple enrolments.

Results Calculator
Within the UNIT-e Assessment application is the Results Calculator. This application enables organisations to take individual assessment records and use them to calculate results at a higher level on a curriculum model.

Specified grade sets allow calculations to be performed according to rules set-up specific to an organisation and curriculum model. Using data from an organisation’s student database, results are written back to this. Built into this module is the UNIT-e Report Generator, where the actual reports specified in your rules, are built and calculations performed.

Professional Placements

The Professional Placements application is new from Capita FHE and has been developed to assist organisations with the growing requirement for courses to have a work placement. UNIT-e Professional Placements allows staff to monitor and manage students and learners in the workplace, recording data and achievements throughout the work placement.

Fully integrated with the UNIT-e solution, with Professional Placements all data is recorded in a secure, central location detailing all vital details of students and their respective work placements. Work placements can be allocated individually or via a batch process, during which placement tasks can be defined.

UNIT-e Professional Placements enables users to record organisation details including the staff involved in placement activity, be they from the institution or the workplace. Meetings can be scheduled, deadlines inputted and outcomes recorded. Letter generation routines ensure all involved receive the information they need during the placement process.

Vocational Exam Electronic Data Interchange

The UNIT-e Vocational Exam Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) addresses the needs of organisations submitting exam registrations to awarding bodies who must receive data in a variety of flat file or CSV transfer formats. This application progresses from the functionality provided with UNIT-e Exams Manager. Currently the UNIT-e EDI functionality comes supplied with formats to support NCFE bulk entry, OCR D79 and OCR NQF candidate registrations.

Once the correct entries and format have been selected and exported with the relevant data for return, radio buttons indicate whether the user wishes the entry record to be flagged as sent to the board, and therefore excluded from a subsequent run of the report. Capita FHE can also provide organisations with a set of known and agreed report formats to aid further with accurately fulfilling exam submissions.

With this advanced functionality from Capita FHE, organisations are secure in the knowledge that all exams communications and submissions are in the correct format, all data can be exported and recorded to one central system (UNIT-e SRTS) and reports are configurable to user needs. This streamlines the examinations administration process and eliminates replication of data, therefore aiding more flexibility for business processes and reporting.

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