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Online Services
UNIT-e Online Services application from Capita Further and Higher Education provides a powerful suite of modules allowing prospective students to easily search for courses, make enquiries, submit applications, enrol and make payments all online.

Visitors to an organisation’s website can search for courses on offer using keywords or bespoke categories, access further online course details and brochures and submit an enquiry. Once this stage is complete, application forms can be submitted online. Following this stage, UNIT-e Online Enrolments allows learners to enrol and pay online too.

The Online Services functionality provides fast and simple procedures to engage with applicants anytime, anywhere and increase success of recruitment. Enrolment times are significantly reduced, shortening queues and improving data accuracy. Organisations can also identify early trends for course planning, enabling more efficient resource management that can lead to cost savings and improved income.

Online Payments
This functionality enables students to manage their accounts online.  Development from original functionality, UNIT-e Online Payments now allows students to log in and interact with their finances via a web-based account.

Balances can now be displayed to students, detailing all payments and any outstanding amounts. Once in this view, one or more invoice lines can be selected to be amended or paid via a credit or debit card.

To benefit the organisation, end-of-day validation processes has been amended to deal with this new functionality. New rules, settings and sequences are provided to generate a receipt reference and new reports are available for audit purposes.

Card Payments
The UNIT-e Card Payments application from Capita Further and Higher allows learners to pay for their enrolment using a credit or debit card online, all via your organisation’s website. Authorised staff can also process Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) payments using details supplied by the learner over the phone.

Once a learner has chosen their course and correct fees the online process moves to a secure card entry screen where payment and card and entered and validated before being submitted. Real-time checking with the bank takes place to ensure sufficient funds are available. The page can be printed for confirmation of payment or an electronic receipt can be requested.

All in real-time, this process updates a file detailing all payments that is submitted to the education or training organisation to be imported into the finance system. Funds from online card payments pass directly to the organisation’s bank account, normally after two working days for debit cards and three days for credit cards. This final step completes the swift and secure card payment process.

This system integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s front-end pages, carries personalised branding and allows for bespoke payment amounts and card types. The flexible payment terms and round-the-clock availability benefit the learners and the elimination of dedicated on-site hardware and infrastructure truly benefit the organisation.

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Finance Manager
UNIT-e Finance Manager offers the facility to manage and track student fees in an application totally integrated with your student management system.

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Student Enrolments
UNIT-e Student Enrolments provides powerful business driven enrolment applications. It records key student and curriculum information and captures financial data such as phased payments, deposits, receipts and data for statutory returns for an integrated business system.

The system implements curriculum-balancing tools allowing for a flexible and configurable way of spreading enrolments across curriculum elements. With UNIT-e Student Enrolments, enrolments can be made individually (student-by-student); in blocks; in the traditional over-the-counter method; over the telephone or via your website using the UNIT-e Online Enrolments facility. This application securely supports credit and debit card transactions, making it safe and easy for your learners to complete their enrolment.

Direct Enrolment and Financial Transactions
The Direct Enrolment and Financial Transactions (DEFT) application is integrated with the UNIT-e system and provides organisations with an EPOS style enrolment till function. DEFT functionality is ideal for use during busy enrolment periods.

Student Funds System
UNIT-e Student Funds System helps an organisation to streamline the administration of financial awards enabling budgets to be created and applied to various awards.  Budgets can be set-up for Student Education Award Processing (SEAP), bursaries, hardship funds and loans, with Learner Support Grants and Adult Learner Awards (ALG) also being supported in this application.

Pro formas bespoke to each organisation are used to capture data easily from the outset of an application. Further functionality allows funds to be moved between budgets, paid in instalments or rescheduled and multiple awards made to individual students. Communications can be initiated using data in UNIT-e through MS Word mail merge and analytical funding reports are run in and printed from MS Excel.

The functionality of UNIT- Student Funds System has been developed to make awarding and managing students funds straightforward.  It reduces administrative costs, improves speed of processing applications and awards, and places all student funding data in a secure, centralised source fully integrated with the UNIT-e solution.

Learner Registration Service
Unique Learner Numbers (ULNs) must be assigned to all learners as part of the Managing Information Across Partners (MIAP) system. Learners are uniquely identifiable and a lifelong record of their learning participation and achievement is accurately maintained. The Learner Registration Service (LRS) application from Capita FHE’s UNIT-e solution enables institutions to store the required LRS related data and use this to request ULNs from the LRS. It also automatically imports ULNs provided by the LRS or allows for manually ULN data entry.

Student Loans Company Integration
Integration from UNIT-e Student Loans Company enables efficient communication to be undertaken electronically between an institution and the Student Loans Company (SLC).

With this application from Capita FHE, once a student has been allocated their Student Support Number (SSN) institutions are informed and can electronically receive and upload the Student Support Attendance Request (SSAR) file into the student record systems.

The UNIT-e Student Loans Company application provides the facility to for an institution to produce the Student Support Attendance Confirmation (SSAC) file and amend the database file to indicate that a submission has been made to the SLC.  Ultimately, this application improves the efficiency and speed of the process, reduces administrative duties and costs and provides a centralised data source for all student records.

Study Editor
UNIT-e Study Editor has the functionality to enable organizations to edit the status of student enrolments, edit enrolment groups and add new enrolments. This application ensures clashes are highlighted so can be dealt with and avoided. The UNIT-e Study Editor offers many efficiency savings as the perfect tool for handling the creation and amendments of enrolments for cohorts of learners rather than processing many individuals.

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