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UNIT-e XML Integration Services

Capita FHE’s UNIT-e solution has always had strong export capabilities allowing any data to be formatted into text files or Microsoft Access databases on an ad hoc or scheduled basis. XML has emerged as the standard for such transfers and reflecting this, UNIT-e already has a number of specific exports and imports using this technology.

UNIT-e XML Integration Services is built on the tried and tested UNIT-e Report Generator technology and can be used by anyone with a reasonable knowledge of UNIT-e Report Generator and XML standards. UNIT-e XML Integration Services is able to meet the most demanding requirements having been developed and tested against a range of schemas specific to the educational market, as well as a number of more general standards,.

Exports and imports can be embedded in UNIT-e Information Interface applications to be triggered at the click of a button, programmatically accessed via a web service call or fired via a command line either using Windows Scheduler or a similar service. This functionality is so versatile; it has already been used as the basis for a whole new range of UNIT-e integration products with Microsoft Office.

Key benefits of UNIT-e XML Integration Services:

  • Built on tried and tested Capita UNIT-e technology
  • Requires only a basic knowledge of XML
  • Exports and imports are accessible via buttons, web services or the command line
  • Tested against a wide range of standards and schemas
  • Allows you to link UNIT-e to a wide range of third party products using industry standard technology.


  • London School of Economics

    “By using a web-portal we can provide each student with individual details of their fee position and financial position and notify them when payments are due.”

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