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Financial Management

Education organisations: becoming a commercial entity

Financial Management

In the current climate, education and training organisations must operate as a business to survive. You have to supply products and services effectively and efficiently to meet the market demand.

With constant and rapid change within the education and training sector, organisations have to cope with delivering improved returns while increasing numbers and funding. This is all at the same time as reducing operating and resource costs.

Capita Further and Higher Education understands that exceptional finance management is now a fundamental business requirement, where every transaction needs to be tracked and accounted for. This puts unprecedented pressure upon your organisation’s resources, be it your ICT system, finance infrastructure and staff or senior management team. Sophisticated finance systems play a critical role in improving financial planning, optimising and streamlining business processes and increasing the transparency of business performance.

Streamline your business processes
Your organisation needs a robust finance management solution that can support your organisation’s strategic goals and business processes. These may include student growth, better utilisation of resources, creating a surplus rather than a deficit, cost control or lowering transaction costs for the delivery of education by implementing modern ICT systems.

Finance management solutions that underpin successful institutions are responsible for the control and manipulation of large volumes of ever-changing data connected to vast areas. At the same time, your finance software needs to be very flexible to cope with complex demands currently placed upon it, as well as those from future sector development. It needs to maintain integrity and validity of data at the same time, so you can ensure your results are true.

How Capita’s Finance Manager product can help
Capita Further and Higher Education’s Finance Management solution has the capability to meet the compound demands of an education provider operating in today’s increasingly competitive and commercial world.

The integrated solution incorporates three key parts –


Capita FHE and B-Plan (providers of Aptos) support our customers with a comprehensive software solution helping to drive down costs, improve utilisation of resources and monitoring of transactions. Once the Finance Manager solution has been implemented at an organisation, key benefits are:

  • Reduced cost and improved quality through adoption of e-commerce capabilities
  • Reduced accuracy and data keying, data and paper handling, exchanging of purchase orders, goods received notes and invoices with introduction of electronic formats
  • Customised, electronic reporting functionality produces bespoke reports assisting your organisation in monitoring and analysing data relating KPIs, financial management and targets
  • Securely managed information through use implementation of the Aptos security regime. This ensures data is only available to those staff intended to view it

Experience and knowledge of a trusted and reputable partner with over 20 years’ experience working closely with education organisations.

Capita’s UNIT-e Financial Management solution is unique in its integration. Finance Manager forms part of both a full finance management solution and a full student management and record solution; both major modules within Capita’s UNIT-e suite.

Whilst Capita FHE can offer a comprehensive financial solution, we recognise that organisations may have already made decisions regarding corporate systems.  We would like to reassure you that we can offer full integration between the UNIT-e student ledger and other leading financial management solutions.

Our financial management solution has been tested and approved by fully qualified and experienced financial managers and accountants. It has been successfully implemented at many organisations across the county building itself an impressive reputation – evidence that surely speaks for itself.


  • City College Coventry

    "The most important aspect of UNIT-e Financials for us is in terms of meeting the needs of LSC reporting and this is the main reason we chose it. Obviously the coding structure is important and we have one that works very well. UNIT-e Financials is very user friendly - each budget holder, for example, can call up their budget spend at any time and see exactly where they are. It's very simple and straightforward to use and this is key."

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