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UNIT-e Business Manager: the total planning, claim and funding analysis tool

Powerful curriculum planning tools at your fingertips

UNIT-e Business Manager from Capita Further and Higher Education is a new software suite that removes the pain, inaccuracies and inefficiencies of the curriculum planning process, within a single comprehensive solution.This new planning software from within the UNIT-e suite enables the system to reflect the current funding environment and is structured to respond rapidly to the ever-changing formula funding models.

A more efficient and reliable approach to curriculum planning

From within the established UNIT-e suite of programs, Business Manager enables organisations to undertake the curriculum planning process with a more efficient and reliable approach. By utilising existing data within the UNIT-e information management system, all planning estimates reside in the same database as the actuals when both your new and returning learners enrol.

Additionally, with the anticipated income data residing in this system, your organisation can accurately set the expected costs for a course, both at the level of the individual learner and the teaching group.

Key benefits and features for management information systems managers:

  • Eliminates duplication of data entry
  • Reports use pre-existing information and will write straight back to your UNIT-e management system
  • Ensures business continuity and reliance upon islands of information with structured, consistent approach to curriculum planning
  • Eliminates your staff and organisation’s need to install or learn a separate software operation
  • Reduces the resources needed across multiple departments due to inaccurate data.
  • Fully integrated with the UNIT-e solution removing the requirement for costly in-house integration between core business critical systems and providing the information store in one location
  • Unites disparate data held in various locations, in varying formats and versions
  • Drills down to deliver information when, where and how it is required during planning and reporting processes
  • Provides an audit of curriculum planning
  • User sensitive – only displays complexity to those users who need access
  • Publishes data to your intranet using UNIT-e Columbus, allowing users to monitor the progress of their targets in a familiar and easy to use environment.


Key benefits and features for finance and curriculum managers, and principals:

  • Increases the speed of your planning process, reducing time and effort involved
  • Improves the net funding of your organisation
  • Optimises the curriculum for maximum performance against targets, adhering to both local and national objectives
  • Flexible and powerful curriculum planning and reconciliation process
  • Forecasts funding to be received
  • Manages funding and data
  • Monitors plans against the actuals within the same environment
  • Models funding for your organisation as a whole, or by departments, to understand the bigger picture and identify areas of growth
  • Models various curriculum configurations based on ‘what if’ scenarios to assess the profitability of a course before it is offered
  • Manages the cost and resource implications of courses and staffing
  • Generates income and expenditure modeling using funding formula methodologies
  • Analyses income and expenditure
  • Balances your organisation’s claims with your actuals
  • Allows users to model and track monetary value of submissions - turning claims into meaningful data
  • Provides a clear picture of the actual payment you will receive
  • Creates a business case to identify and understand viability of proposed courses


Find out more

If you’d like to find out how Capita FHE’s Business Manager can help your organisation then please speak to a Capita account manager, read about the individual modules of Curriculum Planning, English Analysis Suite and PFR Manager or contact us directly at the Capita FHE.


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