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Executive Briefing 2011 - review

"Solving the Efficiency Conundrum"

Institute of Directors - host for Capita's Executive Briefings

The 8 and 10 November 2011 saw senior college managers from across England gather at the Institute of Directors in London and Manchester for Capita’s Principal and Vice Principal Briefings.

The event was an opportunity for Capita to brief senior college managers on the use of management information technology. This event focused on efficiency and effectiveness asking the questions:

  • How can we reconcile delivering a quality provision with financial viability?
  • Where can we cut costs without impacting on our course offering?
  • Are we achieving maximum value for money from all our existing resources? 

The day started with an introduction by Rob Elliott, a senior manager at Capita. Rob highlighted the challenges facing the sector following the Comprehensive Spending Review cuts of 25% or £1.1 billion between now and 2015. He contrasted this with the need to stem youth unemployment, which currently stands at nearly 1 million 18-24 year olds in the category of “Not in Employment Education or Training” (NEET).

A pre-event survey had been conducted seeking delegates’ views on a number of efficiency and effectiveness questions, and investigating the percentage of cuts being made at institutions across the country.
Target for efficiency improvements, presentation from pre-survey results by Rob Elliott of Capita

The “student journey” was used as a starting point by Rob to drill into some of the business processes in more detail, considering how efficiency might be improved through the use of technology at each of these stages.

The student journey - presentation from Tenon

Vici Cadwallader-Webb, Associate Director at Tenon Education Training and Skills, drilled further into the detail by looking specifically at the efficient use of staff and facilities. She discussed factors such as accuracy of data between HR, payroll and MIS, curriculum efficiencies considering the funded hours compared to the hours timetabled and delivered, and class size comparisons against national benchmarks.

Steve Braund, a senior manager at Capita, took a closer look at improving student management and streamlining administration. How can student retention be improved right from the enquiry stage and how can integrated management information systems improve efficiencies? 

This presentation was complemented with a short video by Nick Linford of Lsect. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel here.

Julie Tolley and Andy Shenstone from Capita Consulting took a look at new business models from loose collaborations to full merger, considering shared service options and some of the challenges around handling VAT.

New business model for colleges from presentation by Capita Consulting

The presentation by John Bolt, a senior manager at KPMG, majored on maximising income while considering maximising YPLA and SFA funding, tuition fee collection, HE in FE, apprenticeships, full cost recovery and sub-contracted provision. John also took a look at the proposals for funding methodology changes that will be implemented in 2013/14.

Rob provided a conclusion to the day, summarising the areas covered during the day, along with some of the findings from the Capita white paper “The Vice Principal’s Guide to Efficiency”,  which was launched at these events.

Thank you to all of you who attended Capita’s Executive Briefings. We are looking forward to seeing you at our .

Download Capita's whitepaper

The Vice Principal's Guide to Efficiency